Melody Guitar (Summary)

Melody Guitar is the first book of the visualinear tablature guitar series. It is a practical manual for beginners on playing melodies effectively on the guitar. It is also a music primer containing a general introduction to the formal study of music. It is also the manual for the guitar ensemble component of the series.

Guitar ensemble music and the benefits of learning to play melodic music on the guitar are explained in the Overview section of the Melody Guitar page. In the About Melody Guitar section, the purposes of the course of study contained in Melody Guitar are discussed, and a general outline of this course of study is given. The Table of Contents section gives the complete Table of Contents for Melody Guitar, including links that allow for a review of the Foreword, the Introduction, and the Index.

In the Melody Guitar Exercises section, the Exercises can be freely downloaded in e-score format. There are also free download links for the TefView Score Reader from TablEdit, and for the TefView Primer, which explains how to use features of the TefView program that make working with visualinear tablature guitar ensemble e-scores an enjoyable and productive activity.

In the Ordering Options section, the Melody Guitar e-book, which comprises the main text and first half of Melody Guitar, can be ordered for only $5. Together with the e-scores for the Exercises, this e-book will allow for making use of the many volumes of guitar ensemble music that follow. Those who are serious about pursuing the formal study of music might want to consider ordering the complete printed and bound version of Melody Guitar. The companion CD, consisting mainly of recordings of the guitar ensemble Repertoire selections contained in the second half of Melody Guitar, is optional, since the MIDI soundtracks for these selections are included on the Guitar Ensemble Core Catalog page of this website.