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Four of the pages of this website contain Add to Cart buttons that allow for the purchase of learning materials associated with the visualinear tablature guitar series. The available ordering options have been summarized at the bottom of this page. Navigational links to the locations on this website where these ordering options are more fully explained have also been provided.

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There are no shipping and handling charges added to the cost of any purchases from Twelvemonth Music. A 7% sales tax is added to the cost of any purchases made by New Jersey residents. Any PDF files or .tef files (e-scores) you order can be downloaded from this website immediately after your purchase transaction is completed. Four of the CDs from the Rhythm Guitar Core Catalog (Noel Duets, D. L. Stieg II, Mixed Duets, and the Rhythm Sampler) can also be downloaded immediately after you complete your purchase. Any printed and bound books or non-downloadable CDs you order will be shipped within 24 hours by way of the United States Postal Service. If you have a question about an order, you can use the e-mail link provided at the top of the Contact page of this website.

Twelvemonth Music Ordering Options

-- Melody Guitar in PDF (Chapters I-X only), Audio CD, and printed and bound book formats

-- Individual .tef files (e-scores) for the 190 guitar ensemble arrangements contained in the Catalog; 10 volumes of the Catalog, and 40 arrangement Anthology collection, in Audio CD, PDF, .tef, and printed and bound book formats.

-- Rhythm Guitar in PDF (Chapters I-IV only), Audio CD, and printed and bound book formats

Individual PDF scores for the 160 rhythm guitar arrangements contained in the Catalog; 10 volumes of the Catalog in Audio CD, PDF, and printed and bound book formats; .tef files for the corresponding guitar ensemble arrangements for each volume; Rhythm Sampler in CD, PDF, and .tef formats ; printed and bound books of visualinear tablature scores only for the Noel Duets and for the entire Catalog.