Rhytm Guitar Core Catalog (Summary)

The Rhythm Guitar Core Catalog is a collection of 160 rhythm (chord-based) arrangements for steel string acoustic guitar. These rhythm guitar arrangements, most of which require a beginning/intermediate or intermediate level of playing skill, are accompaniments to guitar ensemble arrangements contained in the Guitar Ensemble Core Catalog. Half of the arrangements contained in the Rhythm Guitar Core Catalog employ flatpick styles of play, and half employ fingerstyles of play.

The distribution of the 160 arrangements into the 12 volumes of the Catalog is discussed in the Overview section of the Rhythm Guitar Core Catalog page. Also included in the Overview section is an explanation of the purpose of and need for these arrangements, and a description of the two different types of CDs of the music contained in the Catalog. In the About the Catalog Listings section, the eight different categories of information included in the Catalog listing for each arrangement are fully explained.

As explained in the Ordering Options section, the arrangements can be ordered individually in PDF score format, or by the volume in four different ordering formats (PDF score, printed and bound book, Audio CD, and e-scores for the corresponding ensemble arrangements). PDF scores, e-scores, and four of the CDs (Noel Duets, D. L. Stieg II, Mixed Duets, and the Rhythm Sampler) can be downloaded from this website immediately after your purchase transaction is completed. Printed and bound books and CDs in disc format will be shipped within 24 hours by way of the United States Postal Service. Also included in the Ordering Options section are suggestions for making the best and most cost-effective personal use of the Catalog. The Catalog Analysis and Index section includes links to a complete volume by volume analysis of the Catalog, and to an Index that cross-references numerous playing techniques, types of chords, alternate tunings, and notational devices with arrangements that make use of them.

Apart from the Add to Cart buttons, the Catalog listings are interactive in three important respects. You can click on the audio icon beside the title of any of the 160 arrangements and listen to an excerpt from the CD track for that arrangement. You can click on the audio icon beside the title of any of the three multi-track CDs (Noel Duets, Mixed Duets, and the Rhythm Sampler) and listen to excerpts from that CD. And you can click on the title in red for any of the collections of scores included in the Catalog and read the Introduction for that collection. If you choose to order arrangements individually, the ability to listen to CD excerpts for every arrangement beforehand will allow you to select arrangements that you would most like to learn to play, and increase the likelihood of your benefiting from these learning materials.